one time DISINFECTING service

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During these times, what we can use is a little (SPRAY) of positivity. Someone to clearly give us straight answers on how, what and when can things go back to normal. So, we can do what we do best, service our community. The Rivera team would like to remind you that you are appreciated for standing strong and keeping yourself afloat during these hard times.

Rivera’s Commercial Cleaning has surpassed our three year mark of doing business. Now, we would like to give back to the individuals who had contributed to our success. Small Businesses! We understand that COVID is not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore we are willing to give you a “one time free disinfecting service “ All you would need to do is sign up and refer one more small business who can use this one time free service.

Thank you!

The Rivera Team

Need a clean? Call the Rivera team!

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